• Discover the stars under a New Zealand night sky

    What will you see beneath the southern skies?

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The ultimate journey to the stars

Unlock the mysteries of the southern skies in Aotearoa – and let the celestial wonders of the land of the long white cloud unfold before your eyes.

Far from light pollution and under the dark skies of Patutahi in the East Coast, Gisborne Astro Tours is a unique and memorable experience for all ages.

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The Gisborne Astro Tour experience

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle and set in the beautiful backcountry of the East Coast, you can experience a unique and in-depth voyage of discovery to the far corners of the universe. This intimate and inspiring 2-hour astro tour with a highly acclaimed astronomer is your gateway to the stars.

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Our Story

What began as a childhood hobby has developed into a lifelong passion. Gisborne Astro Tours is founded by John Drummond, one of New Zealand’s foremost amateur astronomers – who holds a Master of Science in Astronomy (Swinburne University). He is dedicated to sharing the secrets and science of the universe with you.

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